Strengthening your home against 
potential damage

Complete property preservation services

When you suspect something’s wrong with your property, the expert team at Kuritol Preservation Ltd is happy to help! Our trained specialists will sort out the problem quickly and efficiently by providing an accurate diagnosis and creating an effective treatment plan to get rid of the problem once and for all. From the roof over your head to the cellar below, you can count on our extensive preservation services to protect you against harmful household threats. 

Basement Conversions

You found the perfect solution for your growing family by finishing your basement, but before you move everything in, just make sure you utilise the outstanding waterproofing services of Kuritol Preservation Ltd. We’ll keep everyone dry by protecting your basement against flooding from rising water tables.
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Pumps & Drainage

Quality pump and drainage systems are crucial when it comes to moving ground water away from your home. That’s why Kuritol Preservation Ltd uses the best John Newton flooring membranes, drainage channels, and sump pump products to manage both domestic and commercial basement projects. 
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Dry Rot & Wet Rot

If you start to notice mould or fungus growing on the timbers of your house, you may have a rot problem! The experienced technicians at Kuritol Preservation Ltd will determine what kind of rot you’re dealing with, come up with an effective treatment solution, and repair or replace the damaged timber.
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Damp Protection 

Dampness in buildings can cause a number of problems, but the team at Kuritol Preservation Ltd knows exactly what your home needs to guarantee full protection! We provide full site surveys and exceptional dampness protection services to ensure water won’t ruin your happy home.

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Those little holes in your timber might be more than just imperfections in the wood, so don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at Kuritol Preservation Ltd to take a look. We have the knowledge and experience to identify, treat, and protect against wood-boring insects and repair the damage they leave behind. 
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