Conserving the structural integrity of masonry and wall ties

Wall tie corrosion and crack stitching

The external walls on your home need a little attention now and then to remain strong, but growing cracks in your masonry may be indicative of much larger issues. If your home has external cavity walls, then cracks may indicate that the outer and inner leaves are no longer tied together properly. This corrosion of wall ties can lead to horizontal and stepped cracking in brickwork, bulging walls, and in the most severe cases, complete collapse of the external leaf. Cracks on brickwork walls can also be the result of settlement, rot infestations, impact damage, or the simple effects of time, and simple crack stitching can help stabilize the brickwork. No matter the cause, immediate attention is necessary to prevent your brickwork walls from crumbling. 

Where to look for structural damage

Structural damage to your masonry or brickwork can be found in a wide variety of places, including:
  • External building walls
  • Courtyard or garden walls
  • Brickwork enclosures
  • Freestanding garages or sheds

Professionally rectifying structural problems

Preventing your brickwork structures from complete collapse is what Kuritol Preservation Ltd does best! Our specialists can professionally remove, replace, or isolate corroded wall ties to return strength and stability to the entire structure. We can also repair masonry walls using crack stitching bars to reinforce their shear, tensile, and flexural strength. All of our services are reliable, cost-effective, and come with a 10-year guarantee, and our friendly team is always happy to provide expert advice and free site surveys. To find out more, just give us a call or request a survey by filling out our online form!
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